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Streamlines Access

Training Programs

Currently the United States is experiencing a major renewable 

energy boom.  Now is the time specialize your skills and learn a trade

that will allow you to be hired right out of the gate.  The following courses

will do just that.   


Wind Turbine Blade Composites 101

This course is a comprehensive program covering the 

necessary topics to learn quality blade repair craftsmanship.

A portion of the course is completed in the classroom but 

most of the valuable information is imparted in the workshop

where students will learn how to grind, layup and finish

a blade. Learning the process from start to finish enables

the student to learn this invaluable trade which currently 

is a much sought after skill. 


SPRAT Levels 1, 2 & 3

Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians

Get certified or re-certify to become a Rope Access Tech

Working at Heights, self rescue, and rescuing others.

IRATA Levels 1,2 & 3

Industrial Rope Access Tech Association

The international certification to become a Rope

Access Technician.

Global World Organization (Tower Rescue)

Get certified in Safety standards and self rescue for                                        wind turbines and communications towers. 

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