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Blade Services


Our technicians take pride in their ability to deliver quality Wind Turbine Services.  All our work is completed in strict adherence to industry standards dictated by the National Association of Coatings Engineers, (NACE), ISO and the coating manufacturer. Our exceptional quality of work can be verified by our provided reports that detail every step of the repair.

All of our technicians receive composite training program in accordance with the ACMA (American Composite Manufacturers Association) and a specialized curriculum specific to wind industry blade repair, we deliver a top quality blade service to our customers.

In addition to repairing blades  we also provide other services including:

  • Inspections (Internal/External)

  • Composite Repairs

  •  Laminate Coatings and Repair

  •  Lightening Protection System

  •  Construction Assembly Support

  •  Repair and Installations of Vortex Generators

  •  Rotor Blade Pitch Bearing Seals

  •  Nacelle Spinner and fiberglass repair

  • Leading Edge Protection

  • Aero packages including gurney flap, stall strip and Z-tape installation

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