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Streamlines Access


Chris Krechmar began his career in Ropes Access working on Wind Turbines.  Because he is an avid mountain and rock climber, Blade Repair was a perfect fit for his skill set.  For the last 15 years Chris has worked for some very professional companies including, Rope Partner, who have given him invaluable training in Ropes Access and Composites.  His experiences working with such solid co-workers and supervisors imparted the value of quality workmanship and service.  These experiences along with his passion for renewable energy have inspired him to start his own business. He is now a level III SPRAT Instructor and the Operations Manager at Streamlines Access LLC.


Daniel Wells was the owner of a small hotel in Costa Rica where his days consisted of teaching surfing and attending to the guests. It was when some of Chris’ co-workers told him about Ropes Access work on wind energy that he decided to pursue a career in Wind Energy.  Daniel has worked for a number of very reputable companies as a Blade Inspector, Wind Technician and later a Project Manager. What fascinated Daniel about this field of work was that one could travel and also work towards a renewable energy future.  Daniel is now the Project Manager of Streamlines Access LLC.


Everyone gets inspiration for their work or their life from something or someone. As avid outdoor enthusiasts Chris and Daniel get their inspiration from being challenged by our environment. 


In the meantime we look forward to a new and exciting ropes access challenge we might be able to assist you with.


(Co-Owners-Daniel Wells and Chris Krechmar)


Let us "Streamline" your next work at heights project!

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